Small Talk

Small talk is such a central part of Business English and English in general. It is present everywhere in business – not just in the lift or at coffee machine. But small talk is generally not an essential part of business for in Germany.

So what is the purpose of this important business tool and what happens when 2 languages and cultures come together in a working environment?

This full day Small Talk Seminar introduces you to simple yet powerful techniques to:

  • Help you greatly improve your small talk skills.
  • Give you greater confidence to participate in it.
  • Understand the reasons behind it.

We combine our seminar with the ideal way to practice and use small talk -on the golf course.

After a morning of theory and practice, you will be accompanied by Peter Walker onto the course for 18 holes of golf. Constant small talk practice using different scenarios and continued feedback makes for an intensive day. The seminar location can be arranged to suit you. And don’t forget the 19th hole afterwards!
A stereotypical English business meeting starts with a cup of tea and biscuits and 8 to 12 minutes of small talk. Are you ready?